Join Me for My Legendary 3 Day Clever Summit And You'll Experience MAJOR Breakthroughs That Transform Your Business... GUARANTEED!


No stupid gurus. No worthless theory. Just you, me and my top advisers
rolling up our sleeves and tackling the issues that prevented you from
earning $250,000+.

COST $1,497 $0 (You Already Paid For Your Tuition!)

As part of your previous investment into one of my educational programs, you and 1 guest can attend at no cost.

We ask that you pay a $49 refundable deposit to reserve your seat(s).
Your deposit is returned to you in full at the event.

Exclusive Discount Room Rate:
Only $69

Scottsdale, AZ

August 19, 20, 21
(Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

(With some fun mixed in!)

Here are just a few of the sessions we have planned:

  • How to Flip Properties in any Market
  • How to Build Your Business Systems
  • Money, Money, Money (Funding Deals)
  • Mastermind Breakout: Setting Your Goals
  • The 5 Simple Steps to Closing Any Deal
  • Reverse Short Sale Question and Answer
  • Advanced Power Team Panel Discussion
  • Mastermind Breakout: Overcoming Obstacles
  • Ninja Lead Generation w/ Cody Sperber
  • Raising Money Live! Hands-On Exercise
  • "Real Deal" Real Estate Case Studies
  • Other Surprise Topics and Guest Speakers



  • Eric

    Austin, TX

    I met Cody in person and his team at the VIP Mastermind. It felt like home. I was like these are the guys I want to surround myself with. My confidence skyrocketed. I went from not doing deals to now I'm working on deals every month!


  • Michelle

    Gilbert, AZ

    I was invited to come to this event (VIP Mastermind). I've worked for some gurus. I've paid $100,000's in education and gone to the events. I have never seen so much content rich information without all the sales hype. The training is amazing.

  • Moalike

    Chicago IL

    Every time I went to other events the guru never gave much content. Here at Cody's event you can see Cody does the groundwork. He is actively investing. And he's the real deal.

  • Edith

    Indianapolis IN

    My greatest fear has been taking action. And this (VIP Mastermind) has been all about taking action. I have the confidence now to talk to homeowners. I recommend it to anybody. Just do it!

  • Lisa-Marie

    Granite Bay, CA

    (After the VIP Mastermind day event) I went back to my room at night and started making calls and leaving messages. One person called me back. It's a house wrapped up in an estate sale. And they need to sell fast. If the deal goes through, I stand to profit $30,000 to $40,000!

  • Wendy

    Vista CA

    I got great insights on how to talk to sellers. I have a meeting next week and I'm going to use the tips I used here at this meeting.


Joseph McClendon III

Tony Robbin's #1 Performance Coach

Following a successful career with CBS records, Joseph McClendon III founded the Succelleration Research Group, a leading consulting company that conducts Peak Performance coaching, workshops and seminars for business professionals around the globe.

Joseph McClendon is also a celebrated instructor for UCLA where he teaches courses on Human Re-engineering, Leadership, Advanced communication and Human Influence for the famed Engineering and Management Program of UCLA.

Joseph McClendon frequently teams with best-selling author and international speaker, Anthony Robbins. Joseph is a leading expert in helping top level CEO's, business men and women, and aspiring entrepreneurs like you, eliminate emotional challenges and business anxieties, move beyond financially limiting fears and bring about lasting business & life transformation.

Joseph now serves as Head trainer and instructor at Robbins acclaimed "Mastery University" and is consistently hired by Fortune 500 CEO’s, Government Officials & Top Level Business Owners from over 46 different nations. They continually hire and rehire Joseph McClendon to act as the catalyst for breaking through to new financial heights, creating untapped streams of wealth and rewiring internal triggers blocking individuals from their ultimate successes.

Joseph McClendon also co-authored with Anthony Robbins the best-selling books "Power Thoughts" and "Unlimited Power-a Black Choice".

Come Meet Joseph McClendon Right Here

Cody Sperber

Founder of Clever Investor

Cody Sperber is widely acclaimed as one of the most successful real estate investors and leading educators in the U.S. today. He started with no money to his name, sitting at his laptop in his then-girlfriend's (now wife's) kitchen, trying to flip properties to a small email list he managed to finagle together. After a few years of trial and error, including more than a few painful mistakes and shaping lessons in the school of hard knocks, he eventually cracked the code and has since been on a massive profit and growth track.

Today Cody has flipped 1,000+ deals and counting, worth around $180M or so thus far. In the process he's had his hands in all manner of real estate transactions including wholesale deals, short sales, multi-unit, subject to, lease options and his own proprietary investing strategy, the Reverse Short Sale.

Today he's widely known as "The Clever Investor" by his friends and colleagues, a nickname he earned for his use of highly creative strategies, innovative thinking, and an uncanny ability to generate buyer and seller leads at will.

Dear VIP,

I sincerely hope you will make it out to join me and the team for what is sure to be a very special 3 days. I understand it does take a commitment on your part, but you have my personal guarantee that it will be well worth it.

Nothing gets me more excited than seeing the major breakthroughs that come from these events. Not only do people transform their business, but as a result their entire lives. I wish nothing more than for our next testimonial to be from you, and if you think about it there is really no good reason that it shouldn't be.

It is time that you got up and took command of your life. You've already paid for your ticket, now it's time to reserve your seat and make plans to get to my Clever Summit!

I look forward to spending time together with you at the event!

P.S. - If you have business cards definitely bring them to the Summit as there will be a lot of networking opportunities with many high-caliber individuals like yourself.

P.P.S.- If you have any questions we would love to hear from or call 888-480-6617.